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Single Panel Screen Hanger Kit

Single Panel Screen Hanger Kit

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Made of high-density Lucite, these unobtrusive hangers provide a safe and tasteful way to hang folding screens. They have been specifically designed for hanging traditional Japanese folding screens (gaku and byobu) on drywall.  Used by museums, art gallery & installers, and collectors for over 20 years.

In the Box:

2 Top Clips · 2 Bottom Clips · Nails

Advice on Size

The channel of each clip measures 3/4". This accommodates most traditional Japanese screens with lacquer edging. If your screen is thinner than this, a piece of acid-free matboard or paper can be used to line the back of the channel so that it sits snugly in place.

Advice on Color

For a standard screen with a black lacquer edge, we recommend using black clips. If your lacquer edging is a natural wood, orange, red, or other color, we recommend the clear clips.

Installing a single panel Japanese screen (gaku) with screen clips:

  1. Position your bottom row of screen clips at the left and right.  Allowing two inches before the corners prevent the clips from catching your eye.  Use the double sided positioning tape on the back of the clips. Once they are level and straight, nail them into place. Place the screen in the channel created by the screen clips.
  2. Have someone hold the screen in place (place pressure along the edges where there are wooden supports beneath the paper/silk). Use a tissue or soft cloth to protect the surface from oils on your hands. Slide the top clip over the top edge, aligned with your bottom clips.
  3. The installation is complete!

Print Instructions

Examples of Single Panel Screens 

Single panel screens (gaku) come in all shapes and sizes that can be hung with these screen brackets.  Here are a few examples of the types, sizes, and styles that you'll find single panel paintings.  All feature traditional wooden or lacquer edging.

Single Panel Gaku of a Rabbit and Grasses  Quail and Moon Single Panel Screen Example  Single Panel Painting Mounted as a Screen  Vertical Single Panel Screen Example

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