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Medium Netsuke Post Stand

Medium Netsuke Post Stand

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Elevate your netsuke collection display to new heights with our medium netsuke post stand! Designed to beautifully and safely showcase your miniature sculptures, this stand features a simple lucite base and a clear, flat lucite post. The post has a small groove that clamps your netsuke cord in place using a small plexi wedge. Even if you don't have a cord attached to your netsuke, you can still use any slim cordage (silk cord recommended for safety and aesthetics).  

Keep your eyes focused solely on your netsuke carving, with no visible screws or joints to distract. It's acid-freearchival, and conservation quality, providing stability and durability in various environmental conditions.  This stand is suitable for all netsuke materials, including ivory, wood, staghorn, bone, resin, and walrus tusk, and won't discolor over time.

Mix & Match with our short and tall netsuke stands to create your custom display!
With its minimal and versatile design, you can use multiple stands in one display for a clean and elegant look. Safe for antique netsuke and accommodates various shapes, allowing your netsuke to hang naturally, just as intended by the original artist.

Size: 2 inches wide x 1-3/4 inch deep x 1 inch tall / 50mm wide x 38mm deep x 50mm tall.

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