Screen Hanging Configurations Using ByobuBrackets™

Illustrated below are several common installation configurations using our ByobuBrackets™, heavy duty steel adjustable art hanging brackets. These configurations are designed to provide optimal support and stability for various types of artwork, ensuring that your pieces are displayed both securely and elegantly. All suggested setups adhere to fundamental principles of art installation, with a focus on weight distribution, aesthetic alignment, and structural integrity.

Correct installation reduces risk of damage, keeping art in pristine condition for future enjoyment.

Configuration A:  Universal Method

Example: a screen with carved bottom apron

  • Each bracket should be spaced to ensure stability, distributing the weight of each panel.
  • This example of a Chinese Coromandel Screen features panels with narrow bottom legs and a carved section between the legs. To avoid damaging the delicate carving, our Narrow Art Hanging Brackets are made to fit this proportion.

Configuration 2: Budget friendly & Safe

  • Budget-friendly choice since you use only one bracket in the center top.
  • For art panels or screens that are not too heavy (less than 15 lbs per panel)
  • Make sure to distribute the weight of each panel with two brackets at the bottom and 1 bracket at the top to secure in place.

How to mount a screen with brass or metal hinges.

  • We usually advise that you remove the hinges and place them in storage while the screen is on display. This allows for the panels to be placed flush against each other, creating a more uniform image. However, if your screen has decorative hinges that need to remain in place, this is the configuration we advise.